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Looking for fun and unique way to celebrate?  GoDisco!

Forget sleazy strip joints, expensive day spas and fancy high teas; if you love the nightlife; if you love to boogie...disco is where it’s at baby!


Cathy’s Crazed Institute of GoDisco is now hosting events packed with music and dance from the 70s and 80s that are sure to take your guests to funky town.  


Disco diva Cathy Stevens, who hosts DiscoRobics classes and GoDisco events across Melbourne, says the funky disco moves from the 60s, 70s and 80s are the perfect way to celebrate a hen’s night.


“There’s no snooty dance instructor killing your disco buzz; no nearly-nude instructors shocking your Nanna; GoDisco is just a fun way to get your super freak on and dance the night away!” said Cathy.


So many people are looking for a fun way to bring their friends, family and workmates together with plenty of laughs - and no cringe-factor!


Cathy’s Crazed Institute of GoDisco comes to you and can customise the music to highlight your favourite artists.



For more details on planning the most memorable, funky and unique event ever, contact Cathy’s Crazed Institute of GoDisco today.


Ph:  0404 644 439    Email:

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